Commercial / Mixed Use

Combining Multiple Property Types into Usable Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-use properties are important cornerstones to the community. They provide space for tax revenue generating businesses (retail, offices, entertainment), as well as much desired residences with convenient access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Mixed-use properties offer a win-win for cities and the residents and businesses who reside within them. Recognizing their expansive benefits– revitalization, enhancement of village centers, increased housing opportunities and choices, encouragement of economic investment – we work closely with public and private sector partners to develop sustainable mixed-use properties that enhance the fabric of the community. Our skilled team leads multi-phased projects from concept to design to construction – each built with the AHC hallmarks of quality and value.

Construction, Consulting & Development

Whether you are looking to develop market-rate housing complex, are seeking a builder to handle the construction, or simply would like consultation, AHC is here to help. Our team has the expertise and experience to ensure a smooth project from concept and design to construction and landscaping. For over 40 years we have created high-quality housing that enhances the lives of our residents. Guided by our mission, when you retain AHC you can trust in our commitment to integrity, quality, and value.

We strive to make our communities the best in the marketplace.

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